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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Offshore Rig

Ooo, I liked this level.  Sure, it only seemed to take fourteen seconds to complete and you spend far too much time without any weaponry (in my book, any time is far too much time to survive with at least the pistols). But after the dreary drudgery of the decrepit Opera House, it was pleasant to spend time somewhere brightly-lit and sandbag-less.

Having been knocked out Eros’ enormous spanner (no, that’s not a euphemism) after sneaking about Marco Bartoli’s seaplane, Lara wakes up on a rig. She has been disarmed – although, strangely enough, still has ammo – and locked in a small room with a multitude of crates.

Lara wakes up to find herself unarmed and imprisoned, although apart from that she’s fighting fit, according to the health bar. Did Eros feel guilty after beating her in unconsciousness and decide to nurse her back to health? Who knows.


The cultists probably thought themselves rather clever, blocking the way to the door switch with crates, but they made the stupid mistake of using damaged crates. Damaging the exterior of a crate, as any fool knows, will subtract several tons from its weight and make it lighter than a baby octopus.


Once we inevitably escape that pathetic attempt at a trap, the alarms go off and one of Eros’ many identical brothers appears. Seeing as he’s armed with only a large stick (evidently he had last pick at the armoury), and a seeming reluctance to throw said stick, it’s not too much trouble to avoid him. Hahahahahaha! Idiot.




Offshore Rig brings with it the advent of giant underwater fans, which suck Lara into their rotating blades if she ventures too near. Bizarrely, they don’t actually cause her any bodily harm but instead make her spontaneously drown.


Oh, I though the opening-doors-with-that-wheel-thing wasn’t a feature until Chronicles! Once again, Tomb Raider teaches me something new (although I can’t imagine this particular titbit being useful outside a video game-themed pub quiz with obscure questions).


Here we have the cultists’ social room. What the hell card game is that supposed to be? (Ignore the dead body.)


Did you know that key-cards make exactly the same sound as normal keys do when you use them? You also have to twist them to make them work. Some would say lazy animators; I’d say creative security solutions!


Proof that Bartoli’s gang thought of propulsion gel way before Aperture Science did. Although what use it would be down there, I don’t know. Everyone knows you put repulsion gel in a pit. As I’ve said before, the cultists aren’t exactly Mensa material.


Alas, water has become dangerous again, thanks to harpoon-wielding divers. However, these guys are nothing compared with what’s to come…(sharks).


And rather abruptly, that’s the end of the level. Yes, three secrets. I’m back, baby.

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