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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tomb Raider: Recap

It would be impossible for me to write an objective review of Tomb Raider; I’m too close to the game to see it through anything other than my own fangirling eyes.  Instead, I’ve borrow some of the questions from Jeremy’s 30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge and Stella’s adaption of the same challenge and used some of my own to make up a nice little recap.


Favourite / Least Favourite Level
Choosing a favourite level is difficult, as they all have their merits. Highlights include Obelisk of Khamoon (for its sheer beauty), Atlantis (for puzzles and traps) and Sanctuary of the Scion (because hey, I love climbing). Natla’s Mines also holds a special place in my heart thanks to how creepy I used to find it when the deathly silence is interrupted with that deep, southern accent muttering “ain’t nothing personal…” followed by the sound of gunfire.
Least favourite? Well, it’s not exactly terrible, but I did tire of Colosseum fairly quickly.

Favourite / Least Favourite Enemy
For ease of killing (and because they’re so damn cute), my favourite enemy would have to be the crocodile.  From their cute little grunting noises to their overdramatic death throes, there’s not a lot to hate about them.  Plus, they don’t take a lot of bullets and (for the most part) stay in the water and out of your way.
In terms of genuinely scary and awesome, my vote goes for the panther mummy.  I don’t know why I find the panther mummies scary than Atlanteans.  I think I’ve just always found mummies a little eerie.
As for my least favourite?  Well, winged Atlanteans are pretty annoying, but at least they only appear in two levels, and there aren’t too many of them.  So I will go for their softcore but ultimately more plentiful cousin, the bat.  Seriously, nobody likes bats.

Favourite Weapon
Well, there’s only four, and the only one I didn’t use is the shotgun because I never seemed to have a lot of ammo for it and I didn’t want for it to run out in the middle of shooting something.  The Uzis stopped things trying to to eat me / incinerate me the quickest, so they win.

Favourite Puzzle
The best puzzle is the Atlantis’ doppelgänger puzzle; suddenly being faced with a horrific fleshy version of Lara is just so unexpected.

Pictured: Nightmare Fuel

Favourite Music
I don’t think it’s any exaggeration when I say that Nathan McCree is the greatest musician who ever lived. The worst of his Tomb Raider compositions are still so mind-blowingly fantastic that they make me fall to my knees in admiration and awe at the wonder that is his work. If I had to chose a favourite for this game, however, it would be this one; the short theme that plays when you enter the main room in St. Francis’ Folly.

Favourite Scene
Anything with Natla in is always good; the FMV straight after Sanctuary of the Scion is my particular favourite.

Oh look, I can embed videos now! Lara is all kinds of fantastic in this video.

Scariest Moment
I thought it would be Atlantis, but actually, I found the Egyptian levels to be the scariest. One stand-out moment was when I was shimmying above some doorways in Obelisk of Khamoon and I just knew that if I let go I would be mauled to death by panther mummies.

imageThese doorways. *shudder*

Most Emotional Moment
I cried over a deceased crocodile in St. Francis’ Folly, although I was drunk at the time. However, last time I played the game I was got quite chocked up over the underwater statue room in Sanctuary of the Scion, because I forgot it was there. So that gets a special mention.

Favourite Outfit
Well, considering the choice is between Lara’s classic look and the casual crop-top and parachute pants she opts for at home, I don’t really think there’s any contest.

Just to confirm: Classic.
Favourite Way To Kill Lara
Like I spent my time intentionally killing Lara!…okay, well, I may have jumped on the hand of Midas a few more times than I needed to…

So medipacks can instantly heal bullet
 wounds but there’s nothing in them to
prevent you turning into gold?

Tomb Raider was one of the first 3D games I ever played, and I loved it.  Although it doesn’t inspire the same wonder in me now as it did thirteen years ago, I still can’t play it without experiencing a sweet nostalgic rush.  Atmospheric and challenging, the game is a phenomenal achievement for those involved.  In short; it’s awesome.

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