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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Hive

Finally!  FINALLY! 

I’m not saying Tomb Raider Gold was a waste of time.  It wasn’t.  But nevertheless, I’m glad it’s over.

Right, on to The Hive, which had the decency to be slightly more entertaining than the last level.  It’s also crammed to bursting point with Atlanteans and left me few chances to take pictures, so I’ve padded this post out with images of Lara doing awesome stuff.


Here we have – yes, you’ve guessed it – the start of the level.


A chess board and a plethora of boulders that really don’t understand the rules of the game.


No caption, I just thought it was a cool picture.


Lara attempts to duck and fails.  Keep trying, girl.


Again, no caption, just a cool picture.


A rare close-up of Lara’s angry shooting face.


Hahaha, stupid centaur.


Apparently killing Lara isn’t as important as laughing at whatever the hell is over there.


This Atlantean attempts to chew Lara’s angry shooting expression straight off her face.  Thank God for graphical limitations.


Although I was thankful it was static, it’s really not pleasant to round a corner and collide head-first with an Atlantean’s arse.


There were about sixteen Atlanteans in this room; luckily, not one of them had the ability to jump short heights and get to Lara’s slightly raised position.  Yeah, nice master race, Natla.


As eggs explode into golden confetti around her, Lara slides down to the exit.


:D :D :D :D :D

Tomb Raider II, here I come!

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