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Friday, 16 September 2011

City of Khamoon

City of Khamoon is an incredibly pretty level.  I spent a majority of my time swooning over the scenery, and the rest of that time screaming when scary-looking creatures jumped out at me.

The beginning of the level.  You can dress it up all you want, Core Design, that’s still a corridor.

The first enemy Lara comes across is this…thing.  Is it a panther?  A jackal?  A lioness dipped in tar?  Who knows.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Egypt if there wasn’t a sphinx hanging around somewhere.  You’re not in the level five minutes when this one appears.

According to WikiRaider, this is a panther mummy.  Not an anorexic gorilla.

I know this is supposed to be a palm tree, but the leaves look suspiciously lettuce-like to me.

This level would be made about one third shorter if Lara could crawl, but unfortunately she didn’t gain that ability until Tomb Raider III.  She can bend down to pick things up, but it apparently takes her two years to teach herself how to remain down for a period of more than two seconds.

Hahaha, somebody couldn’t spell “Sapphire”!  My ability to spell that word makes me a better person than them.

The face of this statue looks a lot like Lara’s, I thought.  In face, it looks more like her than her own face.

Behold, one of the rare instances that a statue doesn’t come to life and start shooting fireballs at you.

This was a particularly creepy room, until you manage to open the skylight up.  Those black creatures (which I’m going to go ahead and assume are panthers) just sauntering around, waiting for the moment you mis-time a jump and plummet into their open jaws.

I was so impressed by this.  Look, empty room…

…sand-filled room!  Of course, you don’t get to actually see this happen, but the thought was there.

The end.  And I got all of the secrets!  Which surprised me as I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to climb on half the stuff I could have done.

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  1. Indeed! The secrets in this level were pretty obvious. I mean, all you basically have to do is maneuver a little out of your desired path to find them! The secret in the large room with the boulder, the alligators and the cat statue was really easy. That's kind of seems where you OUGHT to go at first, let alone be a secret! Thankfully, they got a little more creative with the secret in Sanctuary of the Scion. I'd have never gotten THAT one on my own! :P

    Ps: Whoah! I never noticed the misspelling of Sapphire there before! At least it isn't 'All you base are belong to us!"