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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Obelisk of Khamoon

Obelisk of Khamoon is the last in the series of amazingly good-looking levels and juxtapositions pleasant textures with the bone-chilling terror that is the common Egyptian cat mummy.

Here’s the start of the level, as always.  I suppose that, technically, we could call this a room and not a corridor.

There’s four paths here.  Four paths that involve a lot of block shoving to get to, and three of which that offer the combined reward of a medipack.  Thanks, Tomb Raider.

Am I the only one that always opts to push, rather than pull blocks because I feel bad for Lara during the pull animation?  I think it’s the noises she makes.  She sounds like she’s in the last stages of labour.

While playing this level, I discovered something rather useful; if you select a weapon from the menu whilst underwater, Lara takes them out as soon as you’re back on dry land, saving precious seconds that are otherwise used to donate half your health span to an angry animal.

This is the Obelisk, the title character of the level.  The aim is to get to the four artefacts upon its ledges and insert them into some other obelisk.

Lara  spends a lot of her time in this level being chased around by mummies (as one expects in a tomb, I suppose).  I was so blown away by the fantasticness of this screenshot that I immediately took up my pencils and dashed out this sketch based on it.

Apparently that mummy was only pissed off because I ruined his game of Senet.

This is neither the time nor the place to break-dance, Lara.

What surprised me most in this level was that this sarcophagus didn’t burst open and unleashed a painful, mummy-related death when I ventured too close.  I was both relieved and disappointed.

The mummies usually tend to leap around screeching when you wake them up, although sometimes they opt for standing upright and slowly looking around the room in an incredibly horrific manner.  Y’know, like cats do.

This is one of two areas that houses two mummies and and absolutely no rewards for killing them.  I really think such things should be against the law.

With all four artefacts gathered, I was given the opportunity to visit the previous level and insert them into the obelisk there.  Doing so opened the door to the end of the level.

And that concludes another level.  Next we have the majestic Sanctuary of the Scion, which includes more monuments than you can shake a shotgun at.


  1. Someone sounds like more of a dog person! Ahaha, I kid.

    This level was quite cruel most of the time! I like the sketch you did of that terrifying mummified panther popping out at you, but not so much the actual event! That scared the ever-living daylights out of me when I first encountered him. Even though I know it's coming, it still does! ;^;

  2. Dogs or cats, as long as they're not mummified, it's all good. :p

  3. That sketch! 😍 I love your art style. Please do more!