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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Atlantean Stronghold

I don’t know why I found Atlantean Stronghold so boring.  The level design was nice enough.  There were some fairly interesting buildings.  Still, I spent a good seven eighths of my time there wishing I wasn’t there, and hoping each doorway I ran through would trigger the end of the level.


So, we’re back to Atlantis, everybody’s favourite fleshy nightmare.


Atlantean construction materials still consist largely of glass and muscle tissue, it would appear.


One of the interesting buildings in the stronghold.  It looks like someone built a house in the style of a four-year-old’s drawing, and then knocked it on it’s side.


The same building extends though the ground into this room, which has those giant golden eggs Atlanteans like to develop in.


They’ll never be as scary as panther mummies.


Here are just three of the sixteen million levers featured in this level.  There are levers for everything here - opening doors, unleashing monsters - hell, there’s probably one for turning the whole place into a seventies-themed nightclub.


I mean, these underwater levers are as close to leopard-print as the game's graphical capabilities could get.


As I said, some levers unleashed Atlanteans, but it wasn’t like there were warning signs around the ones that did.


Here’s another picture of the building from earlier, but from a different angle.  I’m really running out of good screenshots.


Diving down this tunnel was the best five seconds of the whole affair.



Have they finally updated the horrifying decor?…no, it’s just the graphics card playing up.


I have never been so happy to see the final stats.

Although it’s highly unlikely, I nevertheless hope you enjoyed reading about this level more than I enjoyed playing it.  Only one more to go before I can begin my beloved Tomb Raider II…

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  1. "Have they finally updated the horrifying decor?…no, it’s just the graphics card playing up"

    It's the 70's Night Club just like you said!!! :D