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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Temple of the Cat

Well, my resolve was to have this whole level pack completed by the time the weekend was over.  It is now two days after that date and I have managed to finish the second level.  Still, it’s better than getting bored and giving up the blog for a year, eh?

We begin, in time-honoured tradition, at the start of the level.

The first area is some kind of zoo that showcases the Egyptian’s amazing barred fence that allows you to view the animals without being able to aim and shoot at them.  It’s like they knew Lara was coming.

Lara, seconds before her head is bitten off by a panther.

Here’s the title character of the piece, the Temple of the Cat.

The mummies take a moment out from trying to eat Lara to join her in running away from a boulder.

These are mummy prints.  Or potatoes.

The ‘Saphire’/’Gold’ key gets another makeover.  Is nothing sacred any more?!

Oh, really, another dark corridor?  Joy.

You can’t truly appreciate the bizarre glory of the walls of the temple in one screenshot, so here’s the animated version.

Continuing the Alice in Wonderland theme set by the last level, here’s Egypt’s answer to the Caterpillar.  Only, now he’s a dragon who doesn’t know how to use his giant cigar.

Just what every adventurer wants to see during her jaunt through Egypt; a wall of mummies.  There are four behind me as well.  That section certainly was a riot.

Looks like somebody got bored of texturing.

Considering Lara leaves the temple with nothing and doesn’t stop anybody from trying to take over the world, I’m forced to conclude that this giant cat statue was the reward for the last two levels.  Well, that was certainly worth all those mummies.

The end!  And it’s goodbye to Egypt until Tomb Raider IV.  Now we have to go back to Atlantis.  Uh…yay?

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