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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Do you know, I think I’ve found the reason (besides alcohol) to why I abandoned this blog for over a year, and it’s this level.  Although pretty, it’s just not that exciting to play and even less exciting to write about.  So let’s just get it over with and move on.

The start of the level, another corridor.  One day, when I really need something to procrastinate with,  I may do a statistical analysis of how many Tomb Raider levels start in corridors.

This is more like it.  The front of the Colosseum is truly a wonder of 1996 pixel architecture.  From here, you can’t even tell that most of the pillars are painted on.  And hey, we know where this particular set of levels is based now (hint: Rome).

Typically, it’s locked.  And seeing as the last person in here has probably been dead for about three thousand years, we’re probably not going to be able to go and nick the key off them.

Whilst find another entrance to the place, I stumbled by this crocodile pit that you can shimmy over without risk of being chomped.  I spent several minutes watching these adorable little creatures snuffle around and make funny grunting noises until I noticed there was a medi-pack down there with them, so I shot them both in the head and snatched it up.

Oh, good news; Pierre (the magical Frenchman) is back and is skirting the perimeter of the Colosseum pit, taking pot-shots and disappearing into thin air.  One time, he had a lion with him.  Bastard.

And here we have the absolute worst place to sit in the Colosseum.

You can keep your fancy modern animation with its la-di-da body part recognition and realistic physics, Tomb Raider has lions with the ability to get their heads stuck in railings.  This one spent a large amount of time running on the spot and gnashing at me if I got too close.  I put him out of his misery.

Did I mention that part of the Colosseum floor (where they have to fights and things) gives way to a spike pit?  I mean, come on.  Like trying to fight lions and apes isn’t enough.  That’s just dangerous.

Remember the worst seat in the Colosseum?  We have a challenger.

Well, that was a thoroughly entertaining level.  Lara joyfully heads towards the exit.

Except, it’s not.  The large double doors, which have become a by-word for “end of the level” in this game conceal nothing but a dead-end and a medi-pack.  You win this round, Core Design.

Lara attempts to use her hand as a key.  It works.

Doesn’t this look a hell of a lot like the last level?  Maybe it’s supposed to.

Lara getting pulled into a small dark tunnel by the current finally marks the end of the level.  Thank God.


  1. I had forgotten some of these quirks. Looking back it was almost a comedy adventure game!

  2. "Lara attempts to use her hand as a key. It works"

    I think I just died XD

  3. "And here we have the absolute worst place to sit in the Colosseum."

    Luv it! Though, this was not my favorite level, I was quite memorable.

  4. Ugh! That should have said "...it was quite memorable."

  5. Colosseum (Rome) + Atlas (Greek mythology) + Thor (Norse mythology) just has me confused... and gorillas? Seriously, there are no gorillas in Europe (at least I've never seen any...). The past few levels were a bit WTF to be honest... :p