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Sunday, 30 August 2009


I was on the wayback machine yesterday, searching the archives for the fan letter I wrote to Lara Croft’s official site some eleven years ago. I didn’t manage to find it, but I did come across a 1996 archive of tombraider.com, complete with a banner ad:


Nice to see they were pushing the woman-character selling point even then, although Lara doesn’t look particularly attractive in this banner; actually, she looks kind of brain-dead.
I also harvested the Lara forum smilies from tombraiders.com (the old sister website of Stella’s tombraiders.net) which now ceases to exist. I posted on the forums as Starfish, and, being 13, I spent most of my time fangirling Larson, who was my first *cough* video game charcter *cough* crush.
Anyway, here they are:

 grin[5] guns[5] Lara_Astonished[5] Lara_Cry[5] Lara_Evilgrin[5] Lara_guilt[2] Lara_rolleyes[2] Lara_sleeping[4] Lara_Smoking[2] Lara_WTF[2] nono[2]

pigtails[2] que[2] que2[2] redface[2] smile[2] supergrin[2] thumbsup[2] unhappy[2] wave[2] wink[2] worried[2]

I will be completing the Lost Valley. I’ve attempted several times, but have been thwarted by corrupt save files which keep booting me out of the game. Finding the Lara smiles has inspired me to persevere, however. Lara Croft wouldn’t give up so easily.

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